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'A next-generation leader for kids entertainments'

As the fourth industrial revolution has arrived, the concept of theme parks has moved from suburban to urban areas and from analog to digital. With these global movements,  ‘Nori Digital Kids Café’ has developed and presented various digital contents such as MR, AR, and VR which will lead next-generation kids experiential contents and is now growing as a leader of next-generation kids entertainment. It is not a simple character kids café, but presents a future theme park in the urban area where kids can enjoy convergence of animation and digital interactive technology. The ultimate goal of ‘Nori Digital Kids Café’ is to become a leader of next-generation kids entertainment through consistent contents development and management.

'A digital convergence content, leading future entertainments for kids'

Through the development and management of interactive attractions using cutting edge digital technologies such as MR, AR, VR, we provide kids in the fourth industrial revolution unique fun and experiences.

'The world’s first animated rollercoaster-based kids cafe'

By realizing the unique world of the animated  <RollerCoaster Boy NORI>, ‘Nori Digital Kids Café’ has its own distinct identity as rollercoaster and theme park.

'A theme park in an urban area'

Located in an accessible area, so everybody in the city is welcome to experience.

'A self-improving theme park' 

As they are digital attractions, they can be installed easier than the existing heavy playground equipment and as their contents can be updated at a relatively low cost, store owners can retain customers consistently.

'A theme park selected by Europe and U.S'

Recognized  as a high quality theme park and for its marketability in overseas markets such as in Germany and U.S markets; therefore, it is a low-risk business. 

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