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An Analog Playspace for Sharing Family Memories

‘Nori Digital Kids Café’ provides not only the digital playspace but also the analog playspace for infants and toddlers to enjoy. Kids can do pretend play fishing for developing concentration and observing sea creatures indirectly, pretend play kitchen and grocery shopping for all ages, and kids also can play with slimes or make things using slimes by themselves with friends and families. ‘Nori Digital Kids Café’ provides wonderful and funny experiences, and memories to share with family members.

​<Pretend play fishing>

​<Bumpers (Bumper Nori)>

<Pretend play kitchen and grocery shopping>

<Photos (Photo Nori)>

Safety Approved Slimes

‘Nori Digital Kids Café’ provides the Korea's first KC(Korea Certification)-approved slimes for kids above 3 years old.
Different from those existing slimes only for kids above 8 years old, toddlers can also enjoy playing with slimes safely so a wide age range of kids will love playing with slimes.


​<Play with Slimes (Slime Nori)>


​<Toys and Playthings (Toys and Playthings Nori)>


​<Nori Gym>

<Nori Rider>

<Noraebang (Karaoke)>

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