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Advanced Concept Digital Attraction

'Nori Digital Kids Café' provides digital interactive playspaces where kids can experience responsive digital contents which induce physical activities such as running, jumping, throwing balls through motion detection functions, and provide playspaces for doing manual activities which improve kids creativities such as coloring and sandplay for kids’ sensory development.


​<Sandplay (Sand Nori)>

​<Bookworm GoGo's Onscreen Storytelling >

​<Rainbow Play (Rainbow Nori)>

​<Rainbow Play (Rainbow Nori)>

<Play on Slides (Slide Nori)>

<Coloring Activities (Coloring Nori)>

<Play and Jump on Trampolines (Trampoline Nori)>

<Vegas VR>

<Vegas VR>

Convergence of State-of-the-art Technology and Attraction

Based on Nori IP, we are putting steady efforts into developing attractions using cutting edge game technology like MR and AR: Nori MR Rider has been commercialized. The projection mapping technology along with bumper cars and go-karts will provide kids to experience virtual reality game world and various team plays with friends and families. 

​<Nori MR Rider>


<Nori AR Character Parade>

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