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Cooperation with Lotte Mart

Influx of digital contents within Lotte Mart increases every year. As its concept conforms to Lotte Mart, ‘Nori Digital Kids Café’ is in a close cooperation with Lotte Mart. Through a contract with Lotte Mart, it has open its first and second stores and additional eleven stores are expected to be open.

노리_디지털_키즈카페_로고 PNG_최종확정!.png

입점 가능

롯데마트 뉴심볼 CI_베이직타입_영문가로2열.png

9개 지점








추후 입점 가능

2개 지점




<입점가능 지역 배치도>



Advanced Concept Attraction

'Nori Digital Kids Café' provides digital interactive playspaces where kids can experience responsive digital contents which induce physical activities such as running, jumping, throwing balls through motion detection functions, and provide playspaces for doing manual activities which improve kids creativities such as coloring and sandplay for kids’ sensory development.

5 Stunning Places Every Jetsetter Should Visit

<Responsive Digital Contents, Rainbow Nori>

<Experience VR which Everybody Can Enjoy>

<Physical Activities and Digital Contents, NoriPang>

Remote Contents Management 

Remote management using a cloud server not only provides the maintenance control but also provides periodic content changes and updates quickly. This will also extend the hardware lifetime which would allow to manage the optimal kids café.

We are developing various additional contents such as Nori MR Rider, AR character parade, and climbing activities (climbing nori). These are basically software-based contents so if the same structure is used, a cost-saving effect for not changing the contents is expected. 

노리_디지털_키즈카페_로고 PNG_최종확정!.png
소프트웨어 내장 PC

​Nori Digital Kids Café

requests for contents update and error rectification


Inquiries about costs and types of contents update.

Crispy headquarters

contents update and error rectification

Cost saving


To strictly conform to the rules and regulations and manage the contents, we have marketing and management system as well as training system on the maintenance control through a remote system. We provide trainings directly in the head office.

- Training for basic kids café management 
- Training for customer service
- Training for digital contents management

<Training on the contents beforehand>


- Provide marketing support using various marketing channels that we have for stabilizing in a short period of time.
- Send regional DM, provide design promotion banners and customer satisfaction survey
- Have various digital marketing channels such as facebook, instagram, blog and youtube
- Consistent exposure to characters through broadcasting the animation

<Send Brochure DM for Promotion>

<Promotion on the Lotte Mart Website>

<Dedicated Blog, SNS Promotion, and Monthly Newsletter>

<Animated Rollercoaster Boy NORI on TV>

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